Why Consider Private Lessons?

  • Private Lessons are NOT a substitute for Skate School Classes; however, they may assist a student in passing a class sooner.

  • Sometimes just one or two skills can prevent a child from passing a level for several sessions.  A few private lessons concentrating effort on those particular skills may help the skater pass.

  • Students interested in trying a Figure Skating Competition will need a Coach to get them started. 


How To Get Started

  • If you have a particular Coach in mind, please feel free to approach them.  If you can’t speak with them feel free to leave your name and number at the Skating School Office and we will be happy to get it to them. All Staff is prohibited from soliciting customers, but they are all more than happy to help those who inquire.

  • Private Instructors set their own lesson times in accordance with ice availability. Each individual can give you a better idea of when they teach. Lessons are typically taught in 15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 minute increments. Custom amounts of time can be arranged with individual coaches. Please contact the instructor directly to confirm rates and availability


Private coaches work as independent contractors. All coaches have slightly different policies and procedures. Please check with your coach before beginning lessons. Standard policies are as follows:

  • Notify your coach 24 hours prior to of any and all cancellations. Failure to do so will result in full payment of the scheduled lesson.

  • Coaches may reschedule lessons with another student should three or more cancellations occur without proper notification.

  • Please be prompt. Tardiness cannot be made up by the coach as ice time is not flexible. You are responsible for full payment of lesson regardless of tardiness.

  • Compensation will be made if the tardiness or absence is on the part of the coach.



Customers are responsible for paying the coach directly. Coaching fees do range $20 - $40 (some may be slightly higher) for a 20-minute session, depending upon each coach’s price. Ice time must be paid for prior to taking the ice for the lesson. Ice costs General Admission: $13 Child Admission (12 & under) $12 

  • Additional fees 

    • Music Editing will start at $25 and go up from there depending on the coach

    • Competitions local will be the same as an hour private lesson

    • Competitions away will have incurred extra fees as far as the following but not limited to:    

        • Hotel

        • Gas

        • Food Per diem

  • USFS Testing sessions: will be the same as an hour private lesson